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Reed’s Recommendation Corner: Horror Movie by Paul Tremblay

 CW: amputation, bullying, suicide by others, isolation It’s 1993, a group of young filmmakers get together to make a film in an old abandoned elementary school before it has an appointment with a wrecking ball. Many years later, one of the original filmmakers releases a few of the scenes onto the World Wide Web, garnering a rabid fanbase. Now, Hollywood has decided to make the film in full, and have pulled in the only surviving member from the original crew, who played the character of The Thin Kid. What happened on the set back in the summer of 1993? How much of what happened was art and how much was something else?  Is a full film a good idea? And…. Action! Welcome to Horror Movie  by Paul Tremblay. The Ring made any video tape suspicious to me. Paul Tremblay reminded me why normal people scare me more.  Where to begin? I’ve started this review a few times, but I realized that I am having a hard time doing this story justice. The book takes place both when the film was originally be

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