Reed's Recommendation Corner: Cozy Mystery time, with Roses Have Thorns by Juliet MacLeod

A red rose with two greet leaves sits in a purple vase on a small round table. It is flanked by two pink chairs. The chair on the left has a sleeping gray cat on the back, the other has a blue tartan blanket in the seat. In the background is a tall window with blue/green curtains.
Roses Have Thorns by Juliet MacLeod

Every so often, you have to take a break from the real, awful world to read a very cozy, very wonderful thriller/mystery that is heavy on comfort food and not on the blood and guts. For me, it was visiting the small town of Dawn Cove, Maine and the quaint little flower shop owned by Juniper Blair. However, all is not idyllic in this town. 

After a series of anonymous arrangements go out to what's known as the Dawn Cove Investment Club (which includes Juniper's father), she begins to pay closer attention to what the oddly specific flowers mean. Floriography was used by the Victorians to express feelings they might not otherwise, and Juniper realizes that this latest arrangement does not have any good meaning for the DCIC. 

Enter Sawyer Livingston, the extra tall, rugged former high school sweetheart of Juniper's, who is also Dawn Cove's homicide detective. The two of them have been set up by Juniper's mother and the sparks fly again for the two of them. A murder happens, one that rocks the whole community, and Juniper is the one to discover the body. Sawyer tries to take her seriously, but threatening flowers was not at the top of his investigation list. Juniper dives into the investigation on her own and along with her two well-trained canine sidekicks.

This novel was absolutely heavy on the cozy, with lots of talk of food and drink, local festivals, and people who care about their neighbors.  A lot of thought went into each person's history, their connection with each other, and how even such an evil act as murder can bring people closer together. Normally, my visits to Maine are wrapped up in evil Clowns, rabid dogs, and the quiet, sinister evil that lays at the heart of everyone. It was nice to visit, to smell the flowers, and to eat my fill with two adorable dogs warming my feet. 

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