Playing with Reed: Figment (2017)


Launch Trailer for Figment, by Bedtime Digital Games 

Sometimes, I come across random suggestions for older games that really, really end up being a gem. I thank my spouse a lot for this - he's introduced me to a ton of games that I might not have otherwise played (and I also curse him for making me feel all the feels, thank you very much). I started playing this game while I was dealing with some heavy stuff going on around me (I'm a drag king - I'm sure I don't have to go into too many details). It really was almost therapeutic to play it - and it really has some deeper themes that make the game play both fun and heart wrenching. 

Piper was the ever-present optimist and sassy side kick while Dusty was reluctantly picking up the Hero mantle after having essentially retired. Dusty just wants his cocktail and his scrapbook back, but a Nightmare (specifically one that seems to be ennui and despair) takes it and sets other Nightmares in his way. As Dusty and Piper wander the different parts of the brain - from the centers of creativity to the logical parts of the brain, and up into the consciousness. 

The story has memories throughout for the person whose brain you are roaming through, and they indicate someone who grew up having their creative dreams crushed by the realities of unaccepting adults. This was SUCH a highly relatable moment. So often, kids are turned away from their creative urges because they aren't encouraged to engage them, and we lose that sense of wonder as we grow up. 

This game is a puzzle platforms, with a little bit of combat against nightmares and their minions. Some of these puzzles, especially puzzles that gain you memories, can span multiple areas. Some of these puzzles can be very difficult to figure out (other than paying close attention to dialogue).

What really makes this game shine is the music. Each area has its own jingle and the villains have their own songs. 

The very unhinged song of the Plague Nightmare

I really think these clever jingles make the whole game that much more interesting. I know that it takes a lot to get voice acting and music to really shore up the rest of the game play, but Figment definitely manages it in a cute and clever way. 

I will say that this game might be suitable for children, but it definitely is more focused towards an adult audience. It's almost like watching someone sort out their trauma and disappointments in their mind and finding (again) those parts of us that help us navigate those things that hurt or frighten us. I'm actually really excited to pick up the second entry to the series, although I have heard that fell a little short on the uniqueness of the first game. 

This game was published and developed by Bedtime Digital Games, which can be found here. It appears they have several games that are similar in style (albeit completely different stories). I really love these smaller publishers, so please keep them in mind when you find yourself in need of some entertainment. It wasn't particular expensive, coming in at $19.99 in USD, and I purchased it on sale for $1.99 on the Nintendo Switch store. 


Now that the review is over with, I thought I would start including little snippets of me in all my queer cryptid glory. I don't always go out in drag, but sometimes work on my makeup skills to produce looks that I can wear any time. 

This was me before going to see Old Gods of Appalachia live (which, if you haven't heard of this podcast, DO IT. The Green needs you.) 

A person stands with green hair swept to the side, wearing green eye make up and green lipstick with glitter. They have glasses, a nose ring and a septum piercing. They are wearing a raven skull necklace and a longer chain with a possum tooth. Their button down shirt features various animal skeletons, and their under shirt reads "Queer Crypid"
It's Reed Faster, about to be out in the wild. Look at that TBR list behind them!