Reed Faster Reflects: Community Chests at House of Bits, sponsored by The Game Keep


Final Stage Tableau at Community Chests on September 9th, 2023



As a baby Drag Cryptid, I hadn't ever performed on stage. I took a chance and signed up for a show that was being produced by two people I knew locally. This was their first produced show, and I wasn't sure if I fit the bill. 

Apparently, I did!

I decided to do Professor Plum from Clue to Billy Eilish's "Bad Guy". When I got accepted, I danced around the whole house. Then, I had a panic attack. The only time I have ever performed seriously on stage was in high school. I have many, many years of karaoke under my belt, but that isn't the same thing as designing a costume, finding props, and figuring out a routine. 

I did it, though. I fucking did it. Not only did I do it, but I stepped on that stage with a huge smile and knocked them dead. 

I haven't seen video of this yet. Because of the nature of the performances, cell phones weren't allowed and I forgot to designate someone to be an exception for that. One of my partners missed out because of Covid, but another drove six hours just to be there. My mom and my little brother were there (which was awesome!!!) But that's okay - video's coming, and when it does, I'll upload it to Youtube for everyone to see. 

So why am I writing this? 

I'm transgender. I'm genderfluid and genderqueer. Doing drag is an outlet for me to dress more masc, to let my wild silliness and craziness out in front of a crowd. I was worried about being the odd man out (ha!) in a room full of professional burlesque performers. But honestly? I've never met a more welcoming crowd. Champagne Holiday (one of the dancers) is someone I've known since I was maybe twelve years old, and she was majorly supportive and excited that I was there.

I got hugs. I got advice. I made connections. Most importantly, I realized that I am capable of performing and performing well. 

As someone with Imposter Syndrome and major depression issues, I have to say this to myself repeatedly. I. Am. Capable.

So what next? Well, I made a lot of connections at this event. I joined a Facebook group for local events. I impressed some seasoned people in this industry. And frankly, I had a whole lot of fun. 

I'm going to do this again.

The House of Bits is a fantastic venue and you can find information about them here.

A special shout out to Lavendar Tart and Ted Collins for putting this on and letting me be a part of it. Especially thank you for protecting us by having a mask mandate on the day of. Special thank you to Teddy Bow for giving me the best pompadour, and making me feel like a star.

Thank you to all the cast, the tech crew, and the kittens for all their hard work on this. I mean it - a show takes a lot to put on, even one as amazing as this one. 

And last thing - thanks, Isaac. I know you would approve me bucking the norms and putting myself out there in a way that makes me happy. You always knew how to make people shine. Miss your face, Coyote. 


  1. Glad we could give you an opportunity to let your flag fly. You did great! (Ted)


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